Multi-Gas Monitor – The MG140 from Industrial Scientific Corp. continuously monitors the surrounding air and displays the concentration of oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. A 9-decibel audible alarm and ultra-bright visual alarm alerts the user when gas concentrations exceed preset limits. It measures 4.75 x 2.75 x 1.65 in. and weighs 24 oz. Contact: Industrial Scientific Corp., 1001 Oakdale Road, Oakdale, PA 15071-1500, 412/882-5525.

Dry Feeder – Chore-Time's Generation 4 feeders are designed to save time in cleanout, prevent feed waste and make feeder adjustment easy. Features include a feed-saving trough with a V-shaped bottom so moisture is redirected away from the feed dispensing area. The lip of the trough adds structural strength and is easy to clean. Easy-to-use, clearly marked indexed settings eliminate guesswork in making precise feeder gate adjustments. Feeder gates also lock into place. Contact: Chore-Time, State Road 15 North, PO Box 2000, Milford, IN 46542-2000, 219/658-4101.

Bait Station – The Aegis rat bait station from LiphaTech offers vertical and horizontal bait rods. The elevated vertical rods prevent bait from resting on the bottom of the station, for added moisture protection. The vertical rods also are ideal for use in warm climates where excessive heat can cause bait to melt off horizontal rods. The mouse bait station holds two bait blocks firmly in place with plastic pegs on the station's cover and base. Made from heavy-duty polypropylene, the bait stations are available in black, white and translucent-lid models. Contact: LipaTech, 3600 West Elm Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209, 414/351-1476.

Dietary Supplement – KemTrace chromium propionate provides a highly bioavailable organic source of chromium for swine. It is a dry product with a chromium concentration of 0.04% that will deliver 200 parts per billion (ppb) chromium when mixed into complete swine feed at a rate of 1 lb./ton. The product has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center of Veterinary Medicine for use in all classes of swine, not to exceed 200 ppb in finished feed. Available in 50-lb. packages. Contact: Kemin Industries, 2100 Maury Street, Box 70, Des Moines, IA 50301-0070, 515/266-2111.

Water Swing – Trojan's new WaterSwing is one-piece molded plastic with an internal design that prevents deposits. Wrench flats located on each arm of the swing make nipple replacement easy. The patented PlayGuard saves up to 22% on water and medication by preventing side-biting. Animals also have 360-degree access to the swing, preventing one pig from dominating the water source. Contact: Trojan Livestock Equipment, 1905 W. Wyatt Earp Blvd., Dodge City, KS 67801.

Scale Indicator – The 915A animal scale indicator from Weigh-Tronix can automatically record 1,000 animal weights and provide statistics on count, total weight, average weight and high and low weights. The easy-to-read, 1-in. display can be set to lock on the animal's weight. The 915A connects easily to a PC or printer and can be adapted to most existing scales. Contact: Weigh-Tronix Inc., 100 Armstrong Drive, Fairmont, MN 56031, 800/368-1084.

Telescopic Repair Coupling – The 6-in. PVC telescopic repair coupling, Quik-Fix, is now available from King Bros. Industries. Made from type II high-impact PVC, Quik-Fix allows quick, permanent repairs of broken PVC lines and is socket-by-socket and requires no additional components to make repairs. Repair couplings also are available in other standard PVC sizes from 11/42 in. to 4 in. Contact: King Bros. Industries, 27781 Avenue Hopkins, Valencia, CA 91355, 661/257-3263.

Animal Health Online – Producers now can purchase animal health products through XS Inc.'s, a neutral online exchange site of agricultural inputs. Buyers and sellers have access to inventories from across the country. Products can be purchased through a standard fixed-price listing or by using the name-your-price feature. Contact: XS Inc., 2610 Wycliff Road, Ste. 402, Raleigh, NC 17607-3060, 919/327-9517.

Oxytetracycline Withdrawal – The Animal Health Division of Alpharma has received Food and Drug Administration approval to change the withdrawal period of Oxytet Soluble for hogs from 13 days to zero days, based on new tolerances set for oxytetracycline in swine. With this approval, pork producers now have more flexibility in treating enteric and respiratory disease with this broad-spectrum antibiotic. Contact: Alpharma Animal Health Division, 1 Executive Drive, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, 201/228-5118.

Track Loader – The Bobcat 864 G-series compact track loader's dedicated track system improves floatation, traction and maneuverability. It has a rated operating capacity of 2,000 lb. at 35% of its 5,715-lb. tipping load. It features a 73-HP, turbo-charged, diesel engine and a lower transmission design, which allows for more than 11 in. of center ground clearance. It is available in two track widths: 12.6 or 17.7 in. Contact: Bobcat Co., 250 East Beaton Drive, PO Box 6000, West Fargo, ND 58078-6000, 701/241-8740.