The National Pork Board has selected five critical issues to address during 2007, including:

  • The way the industry can positively impact the customer's and the consumer's purchase of pork.

  • The trust and image of the industry and its products.

  • The development of human capital.

  • The profitability and competitive advantage of U.S. pork.

  • The safeguard and expansion of international markets.

Operating principles identified included:

  • A focus on partnerships and alliances.
  • The effective transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • The early identification and management of issues.

After a series of meetings this summer and fall, the board will approve the final plan and budget submission to the U.S. Department of Agriculture at its November meeting.

The board also took action on a number of other items at its early June board meeting prior to World Pork Expo:

  • Agreed that the National Pork Board becomes a member of Grow America, a group of U.S. agricultural companies dedicated to improving agriculture's image.

  • Deferred action on a request that the board endorse 25×25, an organization dedicated to ensuring that 25% of U.S. energy needs come from renewable energy sources by 2025.