New biological and economic data from the University of Missouri suggests the sulfur amino acid:lysine ratio for pigs weighing 15-38 pounds is approximately 60%.

Lysine is generally the first-limiting amino acid in typical swine diets. Depending on the diet composition, methionine is considered the second- or third-limiting amino acid. As a result, commercial diets for young pigs are normally supplemented with a methionine source.

Supplemental methionine is available as DL-methionine in a 99% powder or 40% liquid, and as an 88% aqueous solution of 2-hydroxy-4- (methylthio) butanoic acid, which is the Alimet feed supplement from Novus International.

Research has shown that the early weaned pig can utilize Alimet and DL-methionine with the same efficiency as long as both are based on the same molar equivalency. Therefore, the optimum sulfur amino acid:lysine ratio can be determined using either source.