The 300 loader series is a good fit for today's front-wheel-assist tractors.

Westendorf Manufacturing has expanded its 300 loader series with the introduction of the 360 Custom Contour loader. Designed for today's wider-framed, front-wheel-assist tractors, the new loader is a good choice for six-cylinder models and those with a side-mount exhaust system. It features excellent maneuverability and turning radius, has a lift capacity of 3,900 lb. and a lift height of 11 ft. 4 in. Newly patented features include internal hydraulic lines on the arms and bucket cylinders, rotational height and level indicators and Hydra-Snap, one-step coupling manifold. Call (877) 695-6237 or visit

Fast Fever Reducer

Banamine-S Anti-inflammatory treatment from Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp. has been shown in clinical trials to reduce fever by as much as two degrees within four hours. Disease typically triggers a fever, often reducing appetite and diminishing performance. Banamine-S can reverse that process, so pigs start eating again, says the company. The recommended dose is 2 ml/100 lb., intramuscularly in the neck. The product has a 12-day withdrawal period. The prescription-only product comes in 100-ml. bottles. Banamine-S is the only form of flunixin meglumine approved by the Food and Drug Administration for reduction of fever in swine; use of generic formulations is no longer permissible for this purpose. The product is not cleared for use in breeding swine. Visit

Ultrasound Selection Technology

Biotronics, Inc. introduces the BioSoft Toolbox for Swine, an ultrasound image capturing and interpretation system, which the company says is the first program to accurately predict the percentage of intramuscular fat in the loin muscle of live hogs. Research indicates that greater percentages of intramuscular fat in the loineye area are linked with improved taste. BioSoft ultrasound technology provides easy and efficient testing for backfat levels and intramuscular fat percentages in potential breeding stock. The company also offers training and continuing education to capture and interpret meat traits using real-time ultrasound technologies. Call (515) 296-4010 or visit

Drying Powder

Regular application of drySTART powder from Eu-Tec Nutrition, Inc. helps discourage the production of bacteria and ammonia by keeping floors clean and dry. Sprinkle in the farrowing crate to help keep piglets dry and warm. Spread behind sows to lower the chance of uterine and bladder infections. Apply to slats in front of feeders and drinkers to help keep the area dry and clean. The ready-to-use drying powder may also reduce ammonia levels in livestock bedding. Call (563) 652-2977.

Auto-Sort Hog Scale

The Gen II Hog Sorting System is designed and manufactured by Sierens. Standard features include remote monitoring and configuration software, MatrixSort II, reliable scale system, two-level alarm system, identification of five weight ranges, maximum-sort feature, locking gates, PC-compatible electronics, fail-safe system default and nylon bushings at all wear points. Optional features include two- or three-pen destination, safety release system, and radio frequency identification capability, available in stainless steel or powder-coated steel. Call (204) 836-2243 or visit

Hands-Free Insemination

Swine Robotics, Inc. introduces the Super Saddle, a hands-free stimulation and insemination machine. It is easy to use, battery-operated and will run for hours. The Super Saddle will improve conception rates and labor efficiency, notes the company. Call (605) 439-3227 or visit

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