After two decades of battling the disease, Indiana's pork industry has achieved zero herd quarantines for pseudorabies (PRV).

"This marks a major milestone for Hoosier pork producers and many others who have been working toward this goal for years, remarks Indiana state veterinarian Bret Marsh.

He adds that the focus now shifts to prevention until Stage 5 free status is achieved. That means state officials will increase monitoring of markets for compliance with animal health and identification requirements and enforce movement restrictions.

To boost their chances of remaining uninfected, Indiana's Board of Animal Health has committed to maintaining the no-cost vaccine program through year-end for herds in high-risk areas, says Marsh. Federal aid should provide low-cost vaccine until September 2001.

Other states with PRV-quarantined herds: Iowa, 480; Minnesota, 10; Illinois, 1; Florida, 5; New Jersey, 2; and Tennessee, 1.