Pork producers will have the ability to use benchmarking for financial data through a new financial software certification process in the checkoff-funded National Pork Database.

“The certification is the first step to pork producers being able to add their financial information to a database similar to the one now available for production data,” explains Yorkville, IL, producer John Kellogg.

Kellogg was a member of the pilot program and recalls entering production information into the database manually. Now his production records are uploaded to the database electronically each month.

Once entered electronically, the data are separated from the producer to maintain confidentiality.

Courses are being offered to introduce producers to the software and teach them to enter data, download the information and analyze it.

Once data from an operation has been entered into the database, producers can search the pork database via the Internet at any time to compare their costs with other operations.

More information is available from the National Pork Board at (515) 223-2600 or by checking their Web site at www.porkboard.org.