Producers should provide optimal intake of an optimal diet for the correct weight pig.

Pigs moving into the early finishing stage are entering an unprecedented phase of rapid lean growth.

Every producer would like these pigs to finish like “peas in a pod.” However, variation is an inevitable part of pork production. Some pigs grow faster than others. This can be due to a multitude of factors including genetics, nutrition, environment and health.

Some pigs will reach market weight earlier than others. The majority of the group will follow, including the lightweight hogs shipped to empty the finisher.

Plotting all of the weights in a group on a given day reveals a typical bell-shaped curve. Our job is to look for ways to tighten up that bell-shaped curve.

Many production concepts will not help the best pigs to grow faster. Tightening the curve is achieved by not allowing the slow pigs to lag too far behind the leaders.