The change to the feed label provides added marketing flexibility.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a label change for Paylean, a Type A medicated feed article for swine.

The new approval permits Paylean to be fed to pigs weighing at least 150 lb. during their final 50 lb. to 90 lb. of gain, regardless of market weight. Prior to the change, the label allowed the use of Paylean in pigs weighing up to 240 lb.

The new label (available at or 800-428-4441) also stipulates Paylean be fed between 4.5 g. to 9 g./ton of feed in a complete ration containing at least 16% crude protein. The label also notes that recent clinical registration data suggests no statistical difference between the effects of the 4.5- and 9-g. level. Also, the 18-g./ton feeding level has been removed.

The change to the Paylean label provides increased marketing flexibility for producers seeking to match packer weight preferences, according to Elanco. It also reaffirms the product's efficacy at the 4.5- and 9-g. level when fed to any market weight.

Paylean has a zero withdrawal time prior to slaughter.

Liquid Solutions for Weaned Pigs

TechMix, Inc. introduces two new liquid solutions for transitioning weaned pigs to dry feed. Blue 2 liquid provides energy, electrolytes and acidification by replenishing critical nutrients when pigs are stressed, sick, being weaned or just not eating. Enriching the pig's water with Blue 2 stimulates intake and helps rehydration. The solution may be administered through standard medicators. Also released recently is Blue Mist, a unique aromatic, spray-on attractant to help pigs make the move to dry feed, improve feed intake and adapt to their new source of water at weaning. Hand-held sprayers make application to feed and water quick and easy. Go to or call the TechMix Swine Hot Line at (320) 562-2740.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanner

The PalmTop Ultrasound Scanner from Veterinary Sales & Service, Inc. features 3.5 and 5.0 MHz sector probes with freeze buttons. Scanning depth is variable up to 7.6 in. The new, removable battery eliminates the external battery and cable and has a two-hour, continuous-run capacity. Convenient handle design provides for easy transport and viewing. The PalmTop has enhanced durability, weighs less than 2 lb., and provides high resolution images for quick and easy diagnosis. Call (888) 234-5999 or visit

Electronic Tracking System

Available from Farnam Companies, Inc. is the new Farnam portable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag Recorder. The unit is a rugged, sealed Palm-based Personal Digital Assistant with an integrated RFID reader and data accumulator designed for a variety of applications in livestock identification. It functions as a stand-alone unit in the field and comes with a user-definable software interface that can be customized with multiple sets of data collection fields to suit individual needs. Data collection fields can be switched without downloading data to a PC or laptop first. Getting data from the reader into a computer is easily done through the Palm HotSync software. Call (800) 511-4744 or visit

GPS Irrigation Systems

Reinke Manufacturing, Inc. has received patent certification for two of its Navigator Series of global positioning system (GPS) controls. The Navigator Swing Arm Corner and the End of System GPS systems offer the only GPS-controlled option available for irrigation systems in the industry today. The controllers increase accuracy, resulting in more precise irrigation practices. Reinke has also applied for certification of its GPS guidance for lateral move systems. Call (866) 365-7381 or visit

Breeding Solutions

Newsham Genetics has teamed with Gentec NV to manage the IGF2 gene for enhanced reproduction in the breeding herd and desirable lean traits in market animals. IGF2 is the first genetic marker that aids the selection of both dam and sire line traits in different directions to enhance dam line selection for the production of larger litters or the selection of a greater muscle mass in sire lines. The management of the IGF2 genotype in the SuperMom female and the SuperSire terminal boar lines will provide positive benefits to the maternal production herd and the terminal offspring sold to market. Contact Fields Gunsett at Newsham at (515) 225-9420 or e-mail

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