New feed antibiotic helps control swine respiratory disease.

Schering-Plough Animal Health has introduced a broad-spectrum antibiotic to help fight swine respiratory disease without resorting to labor-intensive injections. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration licensed Nuflor (florfenicol), referred to as Nuflor Premix for Swine, for swine respiratory disease due to Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia, Pasteurella multocida, Streptococcus suis and Bordetella bronchiseptica. No other feed antibiotic offers this broad range of label claims for controlling swine respiratory disease. Schering-Plough conducted six field trials with Nuflor Premix in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. More than 1,100 sick pigs were treated, then evaluated two days after treatment stopped. Treated pigs grew twice as fast as controls, with mortality rates of 4.4%, compared to 9.7% for untreated control pigs. Trials have shown Nuflor to be highly palatable and it can be incorporated into pelleted feed. In those trials, Nuflor reached therapeutic concentrations in serum within 4-5 hours and remained above target levels for each of the five treatment days. For more information, go to or call 1-800-521-5767.

Closed Vaccine Delivery System

Newport Laboratories has announced that its MainSail MH and Mycogard Mycoplasma bacterins, along with all Compass Point antigen-based (autogenous) biologics, are now available in the VetPac closed delivery system. The VetPac is a durable, high-volume sachet that can hold up to 2,000 ml of product. The system includes the sachet as well as sterile connector tubes, and is compatible with needleless syringes and all brands of automatic applicators. For more information, call 1-800-220-2522 or log onto

Pressure Washer Detergents

Hotsy has added a new line of concentrated Powder Pack Detergents suitable for use with high-pressure washers. The new detergents produce 5 gal. of detergent when mixed with water, making this product perfect for small-scale cleaning projects. The detergent packs come in five varieties: General Purpose Cleaner, Deck & Fence Cleaner, House & Siding Wash, Driveway & Concrete Cleaner and Truck & Car Wash. All powder packs are biodegradable, meaning they are safe for the environment. Packs can be used in either hot water or cold water pressure washers and are available at over 130 authorized Hotsy dealers. For more information call 1-800-525-1976 or visit

Sow Shoulder Treatment

Epicare Ltd. has introduced SwineAid to treat shoulder sores in sows. SwineAid contains arginine aminobenzoate in a neutral cream emulsion of several natural oils, used effectively in human medicine for pressure sores and in burn patients. In a field study to compare the healing effects of SwineAid with traditional products used for the treatment of shoulder sores, SwineAid appeared to be superior. Most of the lesions healed within one week. Shoulder sores most often appear in the second and third week of lactation in good-milking sows when hot weather has limited their feed intake. For more information call (212) 684-6040 or click on

Pulmotil Premix Electronically

Elanco Animal Health's Pulmotil Premix to control swine respiratory disease has become the first product available via an electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), which meets all Food and Drug Administration requirements for electronic signatures. “Moving to an Internet-based process is the next logical step for a VFD product such as Pulmotil,” says Ginger Pelger, DVM, an Elanco swine technical consultant. “It allows easier fulfillment and communication between veterinarians and the feedmills producing the medicated feed, which, in the end, benefits producers and their animals.” Pelger says the web-based process facilitates getting medication to animals that need it, when they need it, at the proper dose. “This system helps us all achieve that by reducing errors, ensuring animals aren't waiting on medication because of travel schedules or lack of forms, and having easy retrieval of VFDs at the mill and the clinic.” For more information call 1-800-428-4441 or log onto

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