Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation introduces M+Rhusigen, a new vaccine with improvements for control of both erysipelas and Mycoplasmal pneumonia. M+Rhusigen is the industry's first vaccine to offer season-long efficacy, safety and protection against mortality due to erysipelas. In a controlled challenge study, 20 pigs were vaccinated twice intramuscularly at 3 weeks of age and again 21 days later and challenged with erysipelas. The vaccine afforded 87% protection against mortality from the disease. Vaccinated pigs also demonstrated significantly lower clinical signs of erysipelas. Protection is delivered via S-PX protein protective antigen, which provides protection throughout the growing cycle. The combination vaccine also contains M+Pac, Schering-Plough's field-proven Mycoplasmal pneumonia bacterin that protects up to six months.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)