The BinTrac monitor from Novonix Corp. can track up to four feed bins at one time.

The BinTrac monitor from Novonix Corp. uses a direct-contact sensing technology for continuous bin level measurement. It uses three or more sensor cables to register the depth of feed in the bin. The signals from all sensor cables are averaged to minimize errors from voids within the feed. The feed level is then computed and displayed on the monitor's LED bar graph. The BinTrac system is not affected by dust, temperature changes, ice or feed density. It is easy to install and does not require any jacking or complicated mounting. The monitor can track up to four bins at one time. Call (507) 344-8005 or visit

Odor Control

NC is the new odor control product from Delta Environmental, Inc. The unique biocatalyst product stimulates naturally occurring microorganisms to efficiently digest organic compounds, converting them into carbon dioxide, water and other harmless elements. NC is used in the treatment of air, water and soil for purposes of cleaning, odor elimination and other waste management problems. Other features include corrosion control; reduction of chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, total solids and total suspended solids; and removal of fat, oil and greases. Call (305) 662-9966, ext. 104; or visit

Ultrasound Scanner

The Draminski Animal Scanner from Steuart Labs is a portable ultrasound scanner that diagnoses early-stage pregnancy. The unit features an adjustable, multi-frequency probe, long battery life and clear images so pregnancy can be checked as early as 18 days after breeding. The scanner also has high-impact, aluminum casing; PC data transmission capabilities; built-in memory for 200 pictures; backfat measurement ability; and 9-hour battery life. Call (800) 210-9665 or visit

PRRS Profiling

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., is offering pork producers a diagnostic profiling service to protect pigs from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). The service can accurately assess the exposure pattern of the PRRS virus and determine if vaccine use can help reduce the economic impact of a PRRS infection in a herd. The diagnostic service is available for a limited time. Call (800) 325-9167 or visit

Data Collection Tool

FBS Systems introduces PigPen, a data collection tool for pork producers. PigPen uses a low-tech pen and paper interface with a high-tech twist. As production records are recorded on “digital” paper, the keystrokes are stored in a special pen. When the pen is connected to a computer, the keystrokes are converted into data and transmitted to a central database. The pen automatically transfers the time-stamped records over the Internet to a host computer to be reviewed, edited and synchronized with the FBS Smart Feeder management system. PigPen tracks livestock movements, treatments and death loss. Digital signatures and initials can be stored with each record as well. Call (800) 437-7638 or visit

Watering Bowl

Welbourne Innovations, Inc. introduces the Ascend watering bowl, a unique wean-to-finish, float-operated water fountain. Ascend is designed with a valve that causes water to exit in a lateral direction at the base of the bowl, which stirs up water throughout the bowl each time the valve is activated. When water fills a portion of the bowl, the float located in the interior of the valve rises up into a restriction chamber, causing the float to lock the valve stem in the off position. The company says the fountain saves water by 28% over the leading wall-mounted bowl, and over 60% over swing nipples. Ascend is made with a divider rod, allowing two animals to drink uninterrupted. The edge of the bowl is rolled inward, keeping the liquid in the bowl. A unique design prevents pigs from playing with the valve or using it to cool themselves, so pigs won't crowd or loiter around the fountain. Call (217) 285-5276 or visit

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