Who We Are: Alpharma Animal Health is a global leader in the development, registration, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products for food producing animals. Through prudent use, these various products maintain good health and robust growth, enhance reproductive efficiency and treat disease in cattle, swine and poultry. They are integral, health-management tools, necessary to meet the world's growing demand for a safe, abundant and affordable food supply.

The Animal Health Division is part of Alpharma Inc., a growing specialty pharmaceutical company with global leadership positions in products for humans and animals. Alpharma is presently active in more than 60 countries. It is the largest manufacturer of generic liquid and topical pharmaceuticals in the U.S.; one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of generic solid dose pharmaceuticals in Europe; and, is among the world's leading producers of several important pharmaceutical-grade bulk antibiotics.

Our History: Since 1975, the Division has played a major role in the medicated feed additives business with its flagship product, BMD[R]. Over the years, it has aggressively pursued strategies to grow the existing business through product line extensions, while expanding its global reach and product portfolio through acquisitions and investments in emerging technologies. In 1997, the Division acquired Deccox[R] from Rhone Poulenc. In 1999, Alpharma purchased I.D. Russell Company, specialists in manufacturing and marketing soluble antibiotics for livestock and poultry. These products complement the feed additive business by providing immediate therapy to animals in the critical first stages of disease.

Most recently, Alpharma acquired the global medicated feed additives business of Roche Vitamins Inc. The Roche line both balances and extends the Alpharma portfolio, and it significantly increases the company's worldwide presence. An increased emphasis on major international markets has led to new Alpharma sales and marketing offices throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Customer-based, service-driven marketing programs and aggressive product line extensions have been instrumental to growth. Alpharma is finding new uses for existing products and seeking approvals for new products and technologies that will better meet customer needs. This family of products and an extensive product portfolio is used to build individual health management programs for customers. Today, Alpharma is the world's No. 1 supplier of both antibiotics and antibacterials for feed; and the world's No. 2 supplier of anticoccidials.

"We are determined to help shape the future of the animal health industry. To do that, we must remain focused on finding new and better ways to improve animal performance and productivity. We must continue to actively support COMISA, the confederation of global animal health industry associations, and other trade and producer organizations, and use our global leadership position to ensure veterinarians, nutritionists and producers have access to the medicines they need to treat disease in animals. Finally, we must play our part in addressing consumer concerns regarding the safety and abundance of our food supply.

"We are moving into the 21st century global and growing, and each day presents new opportunities. Our strength is in our knowledge of the industry. Our future lies in our sustained ability to identify and meet the changing needs of our customers."