A new Mycoplasmal pneumonia vaccine can be given alone or in combination with a circovirus vaccine.

Administering vaccine to provide protection against enzootic pneumonia caused by Mycoplasmal pneumonia has just become more flexible. Ingelvac MycoFLEX from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) has been approved to aid in the reduction of enzootic pneumonia, providing quick immunity and long-lasting protection. “Ingelvac MycoFLEX will reduce clinical signs associated with Mycoplasmal pneumonia,” says Reid Philips, DVM, senior technical manager, swine respiratory biologics for BIVI. “Vaccination will also reduce the lung lesions and pneumonia often associated with this disease, which will help improve overall pig health and performance.” The single-dose product is the most flexible mycoplasma vaccine available, says product manager Gary Robertson. The single-dose formulation saves time, labor and stress on the pig. It can be mixed and administered with Ingelvac CircoFLEX. It should be used within four hours of mixing. The mycoplasma vaccine offers producers and veterinarians flexibility of use — mix the two products or use separately as desired, says Philips. Both are labeled for use in pigs 3 weeks of age and older, and both products provide 26 weeks duration of immunity. And the two vaccines are delivered using ImpranFLEX adjuvant, an aqueous-based product that provides high syringeability. Mycoplasma is considered one of the top co-infections with porcine circovirus type 2. For more information, contact BIVI at (800) 325-9167 or visit www.bi-vetmedica.com.

Line of Cold-Water Pressure Washers

Karcher has introduced a commercial line of cold-water pressure washers using a hand-truck design for easy maneuvering. The four models deliver cleaning power of up to 3,600 psi with a flow rate of up to 4 gpm. All models include Karcher's patented, professional-grade pump integrated with a Honda engine. The line of hand-truck pressure washers features a rugged steel frame, pneumatic tires and 50 ft. of commercial-grade, high-pressure hose. A unique pulsation dampener system eliminates the hammering effect common in power cleaning equipment. Each model comes with a stainless steel wand and Karcher's light-to-the-touch trigger gun. For more information, call (888) 805-9852 or visit www.KarcherCommercial.com.

System Measures Nutrient Profile

Cargill Animal Nutrition releases its REVEAL system for customers, a core process used to identify the nutrient profile of animal feed ingredients or diets. The Minneapolis-based company says REVEAL is a reliable process by which nutrients can be measured and managed. “Nutrient measure represents a cornerstone of nutrition,” says Cargill Animal Nutrition's Mark Knief, Global Consulting Services general manager. “While wet chemistry has traditionally been the industry standard for acquiring these nutrient measures, wet chemistry procedures have continued to improve based on the equipment, analytical procedures, laboratory information and nutrients analyzed, along with other, more timely procedures.” Knief says the REVEAL system affords a coordinated approach, including wet chemistry and near-infrared-red measures that link to related processes to buy, sell or formulate ingredients in real time. For more information, visit http://www.cargillcs.com or e-mail reveal_system@cargill.com.

Cart Eases Dead Pig Removal

Lyon Engineered Products introduces a new cart that takes the work out of removing dead livestock from confinement barns. The Pigout features a unique design that allows for easy loading of the animal. Its narrow design easily fits down any aisle. The telescoping handle adjusts to fit any operator. The body style of the cart also works well for taking out small pigs. The cart can be loaded to capacity with a number of small pigs, reducing the number of trips in and out of the aisle. The Pigout utilizes the principles of balance and leverage to simplify the job of hauling out dead pigs. The cart has a loaded capacity of 325 lb. Standard length is 55 in. and width is 21 in. For more information, phone (888) 679-2227, e-mail support@lyonep.com or visit www.lyonep.com.

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