The Masters of the Pork Industry are a special, hand-picked group of pork industry visionaries.

Their personal stories and business philosophies provide insight into their respective segments of the U.S. pork industry.

They are professionals, entrepreneurs and industry leaders; their visions for this dynamic industry will inspire young and old.

Each shares the life experiences, bumps and bruises and inspirations that have carried them forward in pursuit of excellence.

The anti-nuclear energy sentiments in the early '70s diverted this would-be nuclear engineer to an agricultural economist career — and the U.S. pork industry was the beneficiary.

The Masters of the Pork Industry:
Ron Plain - Missouri Agricultural Economist Ron Plain Receives “Masters” Recognition

Rick Rehmeier - Missouri Producer Extends Family’s Pork Production Tradition

Joe Connor, DVM - Swine Veterinarian Joe Connor Focuses on Family Hog Farms

Mike Lemmon, DVM - Multifaceted Business Focuses on Pigs

Danita Rodibaugh - Remains a Strong Advocate for the Pork Industry

Tim Loula, DVM - Tim Loula at the Hub of the Swine Vet Center