A new research trial conducted by a Minnesota swine veterinary clinic indicates that the PRRS modified-live-virus vaccine appears to reduce viral shedding.

The trial results were presented at last week’s Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica (BIVI) Swine Health Seminar held in North Carolina by Joel Nerem, DVM, Pipestone (MN) Vet Clinic.

“What we found was that vaccinated pigs shed virus for fewer days and for a shorter duration of time than the control pigs,” he says.

Nerem says that’s important in the fight against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). “It is important when we are working on maintaining a high-health status for a particular region,” he explains.

Nerem adds: “One of the things our group is looking at, is in the control of PRRS, can we establish regions that are free of the virus and what technologies can we utilize to maintain those PRRS-free regions?”

BIVI’s PRRS vaccine is Ingelvac PRRS MLV, also sold as 3FLEX which is comprised of Ingelvac Circoflex1, Ingelvac Mycoflex2 and Ingelvac PRRSMLV3.