Fourteen of 16 feral hogs seized by Colorado state wildlife and agriculture officials have been diagnosed with pseudorabies (PRV). None of the wild swine came into contact with domestic hogs in the state.

The hogs were seized, along with 20 exotic sheep, in a trailer bound for Little Creek Ranch in Mesa County, Co. The animals were diverted to an isolated location and the ranch has now been quarantined.

The Little Creek Ranch is located in western Colorado near the Utah border. Inspection of the farm turned up numerous holes in the perimeter fencing and other regulatory deficiencies.

The Little Creek Ranch, which has a wild-boar-hunting operation, is licensed by the state as a commercial wildlife park. The ranch existed before state regulations banning the importation or possession of wild boar and feral hogs and was grandfathered in to allow it to have a limited number of wild boar on the site.