The Ohio Swine Health Symposium is slated for March 18 at the Der Dutchman in Plain City, OH. A $10 registration fee is due March 13. Contact the Ohio State Extension/Putnam County at (419) 523-6294.

The educational program runs from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. It includes these sessions:

-- Emerging issues in the swine industry by Ohio State Veterinarian Tony Forshey;

-- Herd health and disease prevention programs with Todd Price, DVM, North Central Veterinary Services, Sycamore, OH;

-- Boar stud biosecurity with Dennis Villani, DVM, Swine Veterinary Services, Greensburg, IN;

-- Case study – the big picture with Michelle Michalak, DVM, Maria Stein Animal Clinic, Maria Stein, OH;

-- Who’s watching – who’s listening with pork producer Bill Funderburg, Greenville, OH;

-- Euthanasia update with Andy Bowman, DVM, York Animal Hospital, Bellevue, OH; and Dwain Guggenbiller, swine technical veterinarian, Trouw Nutrition International, Columbus, OH; and

-- Porcine circovirus-associated disease with Mike Mull, DVM, York Animal Hospital, Bellevue, OH; and Bill Minton, DVM, Minton Veterinary Service, Chickasaw, OH.