Pfizer Animal Health has released the next scenario in their “Virtual Walk the Pens” simulator. The simulator is an online educational tool that can be played from any standard computer, and is intended to help demonstrate the importance of individual pig care. The second simulation scenario can be accessed at Players in a barn situation must figure out why they are losing large pigs. In the new simulation, the biggest, best-looking hogs in the barn are dying before they can make it to market. With more than $125 invested in each pig, the virtual barn can't afford to lose any more. Producers must assess the problem and make appropriate decisions to help fix it. As with the first scenario, players will have access to a virtual veterinarian, and all of their actions will either positively or negatively affect the virtual operation's bottom line. “The goal is to provide an interactive and educational opportunity for producers to experience the benefits of good animal husbandry practices and individual pig care,” says Eric Farrand, Pig Husbandry Team manager, Pfizer Animal Health. “By providing different scenarios, we hope players will identify how these practices can be applied in many real-life settings.” Participants compete against others around the nation for the best score on each individual assignment, plus the best score overall. A new scenario, released on the first of each month, will give players a chance to improve their score. In the virtual barn, as with real life, each action makes a difference. Learn more at

Two Economical Pit Fans

J&D Manufacturing has introduced two new cost-saving pit fans for the hog industry. The Pruden Poly Pit Plenum Fan and Poly Pit Transition Fan incorporate the center fan body into the plenum and transition molds to eliminate a piece of the package, drastically reducing the price. The two fans are manufactured with Teflon-coated molds for a smoother, easier-to-clean surface. The new streamlined design creates less protrusion from the side of the building. Both fans feature stainless steel hardware, a new H-frame design, poly shutter and a four-bladed poly propeller with cast aluminum hub. Each unit comes with an 8-ft., prewired, 230-volt cord, making installation easy. Exclusive features of the Poly Pit Plenum Fan include a stainless steel J-channel on the rear of the plenum for easy, one-person installation. The new Poly Pit Transition Fan design allows you to remove the poly hood and shutter without the use of tools for easy maintenance and cleaning. For more information, call (800) 998-2398 or log onto

Fly Control

Terregena Inc. has announced that balEnce Biopesticide Liquid Spray and balEnce Biopesticide bait have been approved for sale to the swine industry by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). BioPesticide can play a critical role in effective swine facility pest management. Both products are organic, all natural, safe and effective biopesticides. The active ingredient in both balEnce Spray and balEnce Bait is a naturally occurring fungus that specifically targets and kills flies. The products will not harm humans, hogs, pets or the environment. They are both approved for organic production by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program. Because balEnce is organic, manure from hog operations may be used as fertilizer on organic farms. The product will replace chemical treatments for the control of flies. Learn more at

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