A 280-sow pig farm in New South Wales NSW, Australia has been quarantined after tests confirmed the farm to be positive for the H1N1 Flu Outbreak Virus.

“This is the first case of the Type A influenza in an Australian pig herd – but not in the world – and at this stage we believe it was most likely introduced by people working with the animals,” says Ian Macdonald, minister for Primary Industries.

“The affected piggery, which currently houses about 2,000 pigs, has been placed in quarantine and strict biosecurity measures are in place to ensure the virus does not spread.

“Veterinary investigators are now tracing movements of people, animals and equipment on and off the property to get a clearer picture of how the disease is behaving.

“We know that no pigs have been introduced to the property in the last two years and no pigs have moved off the property in more than a week,” he says.

The pigs were examined by a private veterinarian after they came down with a dry cough. Pigs were still on feed.

Macdonald declares: “I want to stress that it is safe to eat pork and pork products. Our pork industry is among the most biosecure in the world. Only healthy pigs are sent for slaughter at abattoirs in Australia.”