“Modern Pig Production Technology – A Practical Guide to Profit,” is a new 600-page textbook from award-winning pig consultant John Gadd. His third book digs deeper into providing practical, easy-to-understand advice on many of the important management techniques used by the most successful pork producer in business today. In addition, the author peers into his crystal ball of new technologies and management practices that producers could likely face in the future.

Gadd has spent over 50 years in the hog business – about half as a producer, half as a consultant – and has traveled around the globe studying the most successful swine production methods. He is well known for his firm belief that an economic, cost-effective analysis must be applied to any university or field-trial research before broad application in the swine industry can be justified.

Following the 25 chapters covering most everything from managing large litters to dealing with tailbiting and other pig vices, the text is closed out with a glossary of 450 technical terms commonly used in pork production. Published by the Nottingham University Press, cost and shipping can be arranged by e-mailing: editor@nup.com or by visiting the website: www.nup.com.