Ohio State University Extension has organized two Livestock Mortality Composting Workshops set for early March.

Composting dead farm animals can save farmers money and protect the environment.

The workshops are being offered March 7 in Carey, OH, about 60 miles south of Toledo, and March 8 in Newark, OH, about 40 mile east of Columbus. Registration costs $10 and can be paid at the door. A composting manual is included.

Proper composting – done without odors, vermin or objectionable gases – is the focus of both of the workshops.

The livestock industry is being challenged to discover innovative and economical ways to dispose of mortality losses as a result of the disappearance of rendering plants, concerns over groundwater pollution from burial and the economic and environmental issues of incineration.

Speakers will be experts from Ohio State University Extension and from area Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs).

The March 7 workshop runs 7-9 p.m. at the Wyandot County Recycling Center in Carey. Call Ken Stucky at (419) 447-7073 or Chris Bruynis at (419) 294-4931 for more information.

The March 8 workshop runs 7:30-9:30 p.m. at the Ohio State Extension office in Newark. For details, contact Howard Siegrist at (740) 670-5315 or siegrist.1@osu.edu.