Kansas State University’s annual Swine Day Program will be held Nov. 18, 2010 at the school’s alumni center in Manhattan.

Kicking off the day-long program, K-State staff provides swine research to help improve the net return of a swine business, discusses practical application of the latest production research and presents breakthroughs in some novel areas.

Steve Henry, DVM, Abilene Animal Hospital in Abilene, KS, presents “Failure to Thrive: Is an Emerging Viral Disease the Cause?”

Following lunch and visiting the trade show, attendees return to hear a continuation of the K-State swine research reports.

Joe Kerns, Risk Assessment and Management, Iowa City, IA, discusses “Managing Risk in Today’s Swine Industry.”

A reception and ice cream social with K-State staff closes out the program.

Registration is $20, $30 at the door, and must be accompanied by a registration form found at www.KSU.swine.org or call (785) 532-1267.

There is no charge for students if pre-registered.