Innovations Showcased

Innovation is more than a catch- phrase for exhibitors at EuroTier 2010, explains Matthias Schick, a member of the EuroTier Innovations Commission, who faced the daunting task of evaluating a slate of nearly 200 new and improved products and technologies prior to the Nov. 13-16 event.

To qualify, products must not have been shown at any other major exhibition or international show, must be fully operational, and be available to prospective buyers during 2011.

Products are placed in one of 14 categories that run the gamut of livestock care and production. Three gold and 18 silver medals were awarded during ceremonies at EuroTier 2010.

Gold medals are awarded to products addressing a new concept, showing critically modified functions to initiate a new process, or advance an existing process. Silver medals are awarded to products that will benefit by further development, but which show promise and are fully operational.

The two leading categories this year were “farm inputs” and “machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding pigs.” One gold and 10 silver medals were claimed by pig-specific products. Following is a brief description of those products. Additional information can be found on the companies’ Web sites.

Gold Medal for Innovation

SonoCheck, Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH, Vechta, Germany — SonoCheck is an automated pregnancy detection system specifically designed for use with the company’s CallMaticPro electronic sow feeding system (ESF). As a sow enters the ESF feeding station, two arms operated by compressed air descend along each side of the animal to strategically position the mounted ultrasound transponder against the sow’s flank (see inset photo). The ultrasound scan is completed within 15 seconds, recorded to a video and automatically analyzed by special software. The ultrasound equipment can be moved between stations or used manually. See video and more information at

Silver Medals for Innovation

Nuklospray Yoghurt, Sloten, GmbH, Diepholz, Germany — This new supplement for suckling pigs resembles milk replacer, but features a modified starch structure that is more acceptable to the piglet and enhances solid feed intake;

Truegreen A.I. Catheter, IMV Technologies, L’Aigle Cedex, France — This new catheter is 100% biodegradable and ecologically friendly;

Three-way feed gate, H.-J. Penneman, GmbH, Dorpen, Germany — The mechanized feed gate distributes dry feed from a multi-phase feeding system to three separate feeding circuits, formerly limited to two;

Fattening-House Control Door, H.-J. Penneman, GmbH, Dorpen, Germany — Where large pen gates are difficult to open, this additional service door facilitates improved pig monitoring and worker safety;

Impex Flow Regulator, Impex Barneveld B.V., Barneveld, Netherlands — This flow regulator for nipple drinkers compensates for pressure differences, saves water, and can be retrofitted to most drinkers;

EasyCover, Witte Lastrup GmbH, Lastrup, Germany — This device completely encapsulates the guide pulleys of tubular conveyor systems, protecting them from moisture and ultraviolet light;

QuigTag, Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH, Vechta, Germany — The location of signets in pig housing guide the software in the Smartphone and facilitate ear tag reading and data collection;

Stallmaster, Holscher + Leuschner GmbH & Co., Emsburen, Germany — This central data pool for finishing pigs tracks feeding, ventilation and slaughter data to help managers optimize production;

MIX (Mix Information Xtraction), Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH, Lutten, Germany — The MIX method simplifies technical- and service-relevant information via Internet-capable smart phones;

Brand PT-Jet, Brand Gulletechnik GmbH, Hilter-Eppendorf, Germany — The Brand PT-Jet is a combined agitator with pump function, features two agitator jet nozzles to improve agitation of liquid manure;

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