The “Back to School” celebration at the 20th Annual Swine Conference presented by Carthage (IL) Veterinary Service, Ltd. will be Aug. 31, 2010 at Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL.

The program features an opening main session on human-pig interaction, wean-to-market, ventilation, finishing disease update, marketing, individual pig care and contract production.

Breakout sessions cover breed-to-wean, management trends and wean-to-market.

A closing main session reviews what to look at this winter for influenza, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome elimination, future expectations for traceability, food safety and animal welfare, keynote address by Libby, MT, logger Bruce Vincent and closing remarks by Joe Connor, DVM, Carthage Veterinary Service.

Registration is at or call Carthage Veterinary Service at (217) 357-2811. Directions/hotel is at