The first annual “Passion for Pigs” Seminar and Trade Show is scheduled for March 4, 2009 at the Stoney Creek Inn, Columbia, MO.

The conference is coordinated by Stephen Patterson, DVM, Northeast Veterinary Service, Inc., Shelbina, MO. The program begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Sessions run concurrently.

For registration information, contact Julie Lolli at the clinic by phone (573) 588-2130, fax (573) 588-2139 or e-mail For hotel reservations, call (800) 659-2220.

Planned speakers and topics include:

Dennis DiPietre, Knowledge Ventures, LLC: “Intentional Production” (how to maximize profits marketing hogs); and “Global Outlook” (examining trends and issues that will affect trade in the next 5-10 years).

Larry Firkins, DVM, University of Illinois: “Fielding a Winning Team;” and “Communicating at a National Championship Level.”

Chris Kuster, DVM, Kuster Research and Consulting, Geneseo, IL: “Boar Stud Quality Assurance;” and “On-Farm Semen Management.”

Scott Dee, DVM, University of Minnesota: “Use of a Production Region Model to Address Issues Regarding the Aerobiology of PRRS and Mycoplasmal pneumonia and to Investigate Alternative Protocols of Aerosol Biosecurity.”

Stephen Patterson, DVM, Northeast Veterinary Service, Inc., Shelbina, MO: “Passion for Pigs: How the Correct Diagnosis Can Improve Your Bottom Line.”

Shelley Stanford, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health: “Swine Influenza Virus – Changes, Trends and Control.”

J.D. Fiechtner, DVM, Pork Vision, LLC, Oskaloosa, IA: “Large Pen Autosort Barns – Benefit or Bust.”

Reid Philips, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.: “Systematic Approach to PRRS Control.”

Kerry Keffaber, DVM, Elanco Animal Health: “Intervention Steps to Improve Your Full-Value Pigs.”

Dan Hamilton, Genetiporc USA: “Benefits of Maternal Line Contribution to Terminal Market Hog Performance.”

Charles Francisco, DVM, Intervet: “Achieving Optimum Gilt Performance – Boar Exposure and Development.”

Dean Dau, DVM, Novartis Animal Health: “Influence of Antimicrobial Sequence in the Nursery on Pig Performance and Economic Return.”

Archie Clutter, Newsham Choice Genetics: “Practical Assessment and Optimization of Genetic Markers in a Commercial Pig Breeding Program.”

Peggy Anne Hawkins, DVM, Vet Provisions, Northfield, MN: “Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of Water Medications.”