To promote the hard work of Missouri farmers in being stewards of the land and taking pride in caring for their animals, several Missouri-based businesses announced the formation of a coalition, Missouri Farmers Care.

“Understanding the truth about modern agriculture, food production and farm life is important for all Missourians,” says Don Nikodim, Missouri Farmers Care chair. “Missouri Farmers Care is committed to sharing the truth with Missouri families and how agriculture impacts their lives,” he says.

The Missouri Farmers Care Web site ( was launched Friday (March 25). It encourages people to learn more about farmers and how food gets from field to plate. The site features farmers around the state who care about their operations.

Click on the YouTube icon to view videos of these farmers and the recently released “HSUS Revealed!” This video provides an inside look at the true intentions of the Humane Society of the United States. “It reveals significant cracks in the image the organization chooses to portray,” says Alan Wessler, a veterinarian in Columbia, MO.

Watch the video here,