The Professional Nutrient Applicators of Wisconsin devoted the November 2010 edition of the Spreading Log newsletter to safe manure hauling. The lead article focuses on truck and tanker rollovers, reinforcing that a crash or spill incident results in costs and complications, ranging from fines or legal charges, to the worst-case scenario of an employee or driver being injured. Accidents also mean crews and the truck or tanker are out of service.

An attention-grabbing statistic notes there were three overturn incidents involving semis and trucks hauling manure within a 30-hour period in Wisconsin between Nov. 4 and 5, 2010.

Manure applicators are encouraged to take time after an accident or near miss to review the environmental and human factors that contributed to the mishap so that preventive measures can be put in place.

There is more at stake than just bad luck. Some common factors leading to fall tanker and truck roll-overs include:
--Pulling too far off road shoulders or encountering loose gravel on the shoulder.
--Not knowing where driveway culverts end.
--Driving too fast to safely make a turn.
--Driver fatigue or inattention can increase the risk of a bad outcome.

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