We have been working on building the SMS Closeout Benchmarking Program for over three years and this will be the first time we are able to use information from the data set to write an article. SMS is ready now to accept data from other finisher closeout programs. Just like we do with sow data we will collect the raw data and then use our formulas to standardize the data from different closeout programs. There are currently 1,291 finishing closeouts in the SMS database and after applying filters to remove bad data and groups affected by major diseases we ended up with 1,192 closeouts which represent 2,352,309 pigs for this article. There are four separate databases in this program: nursery, finishing, wean-to- finish, and wean-to-finish double stock.

Figure 1 shows the layout for the SMS Closeout Benchmarking Program. An Executive Summary has been created for each producer which includes a chart for the SMS Production Index and 22 production charts showing the trend lines for the last 100 closeouts.

Figure 2 shows the Group Information Report containing the detailed information for each closeout with 62 columns of data displayed. At the top of the page note the Finishing Benchmarking tables with the SMS database and the System (producer) broken into Top 0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75-100% and the average for all.