The More-than-Manure (MTM) Nutrient Manager is a liquid product designed to be poured directly into confinement barn manure pits or lagoons.

“More-than-Manure is the first and only product that works to protect both phosphorus from lock-up and nitrogen from leaching, denitrification and volatilization in applied manure,” explained Melanie Acklin, SFP. “The product maximizes phosphorus and nitrogen in all manures and litters, both dry and liquid,”

She told the panel MTM can be used in manure applied in the spring or fall and has no crop rotation restrictions. “All grower-standard practices using manure fertilizer comply with MTM,” she said. “When you pour MTM into the pit it helps to break down crusting and solids and can help reduce ammonia levels.”

The liquid product comes in 2½-gal. jugs and 250-gal. totes and costs approximately $18/acre at the treatment rate of 18 oz./acre, according to Acklin.

The panel asked about research on the product and whether or not it was effective in foaming manure pits. Though there have been some comparisons made between barns on farms, the product has not undergone extensive research at this point, but anecdotal evidence has shown some foam reduction, Acklin said.

“SFP has acknowledged that they need more research data, and it sounds like that data is being sought,” Ted Funk said.

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