The Masters of the Pork Industry are a very special, handpicked group of pork industry leaders. 

The Masters all share their personal stories and philosophies about life, their careers in the pork industry and their visions for the future.

They are professionals, entrepreneurs and family-based pork industry enthusiasts whose dedication and wisdom are sure to inspire young and old as they tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an ever-changing global pork industry.

The 2014 Masters of the Pork Industry include:

Bill Luckey volunteers his spare time to the pork industry and telling agricultue's story.

Lee Johnston focuses on pork production solutions while maintaining real-world perspective.

Eldon McAfee is an attorney who makes sure to stay true to his roots, and honor agriculture.

Patrick Halbur, DVM, is a dedicated veterinarian and department head at Iowa State University.