Legislation (S. 344) has been introduced by Senators Roger Wicker (R-MS) and David Vitter (R-LA) that would overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) earlier decision to allow an increase in the amount of ethanol (E-15) that can be blended with gasoline.  The bill would prohibit EPA from granting any waiver for a blend above 10% ethanol and would repeal previous waivers.

Senator Wicker said, “EPA’s flawed waivers allowing E15 amount to government bureaucrats issuing short-sighted regulations that negatively impact families and businesses across the country. The concerns surrounding E15 that existed prior to the waivers have increased instead of diminished.”


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The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) said the legislation is “fueled by emotion and loyalty to home-state oil constituents.  Now that ethanol represents 10% of the American fuel supply and growing, oil companies are panicked.”  A coalition of businesses, agriculture and environmental groups are supporting the legislation.

In a letter to Senators Wicker and Vitter, the group said, “In addition to the impacts on engines, an increase in ethanol content will have well-documented detrimental effects on food and feed prices at home and abroad, and on the environment.”  Those signing the letter included the American Meat Institute, Boat USA, Environmental Working Group, National Chicken Council, National Taxpayers Federation and the National Turkey Federation.


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