Until the benchmarking data base is rebuilt, we will continue to use the old one for the data for Tables 5 and 6 (below) that provide 52-week and 13-week rolling averages for key performance indicators (KPI) of breeding herd performance.  These tables reflect the most current quarterly data available and are presented with each column.  The KPI’s can be used as general guidelines to measure the productivity of your herd compared to the top 10% and top 25% of farms, the average performance for all farms and the bottom 25% of farms in the SMS database.


52 week benchmarking data

13 week benchmarking data


We are always interested in topics for articles so feel free to send us a note or call. The large database we use for information in the articles is being updated next month.  Farms that are in the Farm Benchmarking program will be asked to update their Farm Information Sheet with even more details so in the future we can do more in-depth articles.  One area we are very interested in is the influence of farrowing crate design on stillborns and preweaning death loss. 

If you have questions or comments about these columns, or if you have a specific performance measurement that you would like to see benchmarked in our database, please address them to:  mark.rix@swinems.comor ron.ketchem@swinems.com.