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Can’t escape the food label noise

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Jul 25, 2016

3 ways HSUS is pressing meatless agenda

HSUS' mission to make the entire world “meatless” is still alive and kicking. The game may have change. The tactics may be refined, but the agenda is....More
Jul 22, 2016

And so it begins: Prestage Iowa plant – Part II

People will have plenty to say about Prestage Farms' plan to build a pork processing plant in Wright County, Iowa, and the county Supervisors....More
Jul 15, 2016

Show youth building responsibilities

As 4-H and FFA members are preparing their show animals for the numerous fairs and open shows this summer, they are also unknowingly building many....More
Jul 07, 2016

Speak up now, or regret it later2

A perpetual parade of proposals will have long-lasting implications for livestock producers, so it is imperative that all producers stand up and be....More
Jun 27, 2016

China joining the eat less meat circus?

The growing trend in dietary guidelines is to cast eating meat as the freak show, and China recently added its monkeys to the circus....More
Jun 24, 2016

Beat the ‘hog days’ of summer

Take necessary steps to ensure your hogs will remain comfortable in this summer's heat, and reward you with continued performance....More
Jun 20, 2016

Expansion, a sizzling subject at WPX

U.S. pork industry’s bright future with the new pork processing plants coming is certainly crafting lots of chatter about expansion....More
Jun 09, 2016

Pork industry: Some Masters, all family

Hog industry family is close-knit and takes care of its own, and the annual World Pork Expo can be looked as one big family reunion....More
May 27, 2016

Remember why you get Monday off

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, with bacon of course, but let's not lose sight of the sacrifices of those whose memories we honor....More
May 20, 2016

A pro-science win?

A recent report claims genetically modified organisms pose no health concerns to humans who consume products made from such crops. Though a victory....More
May 09, 2016

5 takeaways from 2016 class of Masters

Many outstanding leadership qualities bond “The 70 Masters” together, but their unique stories will motivate you to climb your own mountain. These....More
May 04, 2016

Water should not be taken for granted

Water is the lifeblood of civilization and should not be taken for granted....More
May 02, 2016

Pork messages need to be 'on fleek'

For the first time, the millennials took the lead as the largest generation living. Marketing pork to this generation will take ingenuity, freshness....More
Apr 28, 2016

Do your draft homework to develop a strong pork team

Just as football teams assess their current strengths and weaknesses, pork producers should also evaluate where their team could use a high "draft....More
Apr 25, 2016

Tick bite could exterminate meat-eaters' appetite

A bite from lone star ticks in some people can trigger sensitivity to red meat that can result in symptoms such as itching, hives, swollen lips and....More
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