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Can’t escape the food label noise

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Mar 10, 2016

Brotherhood of pork in action

Unity was evident as delegates from each of the 43 states represented at the Pork Industry Forum stood in solidarity against the USDA's decision to....More
Mar 07, 2016

Fight, never settle

While the Pork Forum is never short of delegate action or news, this year a particular action by the USDA came to the forefront and quickly united....More
Mar 04, 2016

Industry pressures won’t stop … Be Ready

Consumer-driven changes to agriculture and the hog industry are not going away, and the antibiotic-use issue is only the latest. Producers need to be....More
Feb 24, 2016

Post-election pork options

France and Denmark have the right idea about making pork more readily accessible to consumers....More
Feb 22, 2016

Finishing the journey

Knowing the hard work Heath put into raising this pig, I have to admire him for finishing the journey that he and his mom traveled together — in my....More
Feb 18, 2016

History’s a good reason to step up biosecurity

A look back at the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak in the United Kingdom should be lesson enough for stepping up biosecurity and closely monitoring your....More
Feb 15, 2016

The suggestion box is always open

Every day, I receive many interesting messages in my work’s email. I openly welcome valuable feedback to keep the best information available at your....More
Feb 10, 2016

Keep Calm and Move Your Hogs

Proper livestock handling techniques take an effort, and that effort goes a long way in maintaining the good health of both the animals and the....More
Feb 03, 2016

Producer’s safety mantra: ‘No more, nobody else’

Iowa hog producer Leon Sheets survived a flash fire caused by foaming manure in his hog barn, and he shares his story so no one else will need to go....More
Feb 01, 2016

Carefully moving forward

“Cautiously optimistic” was the perfect description of Iowa pork producers’ attitudes attending the 44th Iowa Pork Congress last week....More
Jan 25, 2016

PRRS, PEDV control proposal carries weight

Minnesota Pork Producers Association is considering a proposal to partner with the state Board of Animal Health to gather PRRS and PEDV status of the....More
Jan 25, 2016

Vegan butcher, just plain wrong36

The first vegan butcher opens its doors in Minnesota. While the concept is creative, the actual business plan breaks the truth in advertising rule....More
Jan 22, 2016

Shake the mental funk

January seems to be a rough month for most people. The hopes of better things to come in a new year often fizzle out as the short, cold days....More
Jan 12, 2016

Fighting the elements for the love of hogs

Today's hog producers raise their pigs in modern confinement facilities because they care for their livestock, rather than exposing them to the harsh....More
Jan 11, 2016

Embracing the precise gene editing revolution

Scientists are able to tackle big health obstacles in humans and other animals quicker with this precise genome editing tool, allowing them a cost-....More
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