Steve Meyer

Vice President, Pork Analysis,
Express Markets Inc. Analytics

Steve Meyer, vice president of pork analysis for Express Markets Inc. Analytics of Fort Wayne, Ind. Express Markets and EMI Analytics have been involved in price discovery and analysis for the broiler industry since 2003. They added similar capabilities for turkey in 2008 and have recently added market analysis of pork and beef markets to their product offerings in order to meet the broad information and knowledge needs of customers throughout the meat and poultry production, processing and marketing systems. In May of 2015, Meyer sold Paragon Economics to Express Markets Inc. He brings a wealth of experience in the livestock industry, having served as director of economics for the National Pork Producers Council (1993-2001), and held the same position for the National Pork Board from 2001 to October 2002. In that capacity, Steve provided economic counsel to producers and Pork Board staff and coordinated staff and consultants’ activities regarding meat industry production, price forecasts and the economic impact of pork production and processing. In addition, he administered NPPC programs dealing with marketing and pricing systems, structure, pork industry coordination and competitiveness. Previously, Steve served as a swine business specialist with Moorman Manufacturing Co., a sales representative with Dow Chemical and sales manager for an animal health and agricultural chemical distributor. In addition, he spent three years as an assistant professor in the agriculture economics department at the University of Missouri.

What’s Up with Sow Prices?
Just how fast are producers responding to the worst economic conditions since price collapse of the ’98-99 – or perhaps ever? That has been a topic of widespread discussion these past few weeks
USDA Report Called "Ugly"
If U.S. and Canadian hog producers needed any more cold water to shock them into full-scale contraction, Friday’s Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report from USDA ought to do it. The numbers are huge and point to
Look for Analysis of USDA Report
Watch your inbox Monday for our Hogs and Pigs Report Review. The report will be released at 2 p.m. CDT on Friday and promises to be one of the most watched and analyzed USDA reports in quite some time. USDA obviously missed the...
Bubble Bursting or Just a Leak?
Was that the sound of a bubble bursting – or was it just the sound of a leak? Regardless, the price moves of the past two weeks have provided some hope for cost-challenged livestock producers.
Of Trends and Such
About three years ago, I noted in some presentations and articles that the long-term trend for cash hog prices appeared to have turned. In spite of the recent dip in prices, I still think that trend is true, so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the forces that drive trends
Canada Launches Culling Program
The government of Canada announced a Cull Breeding Swine Program this week that it is hoped will remove 10% of Canada's breeding herd from production. Here is what we know
Canadian Report No Hit, Possibly a Miss
Last week's Canadian Hog Statistics report has been a topic of discussion in many quarters this week. It appears that virtually everyone, including Canadian producers and industry analysts, believe that Statistics Canada has missed the count
Canadian Pig Count Disappoints
Statistics Canada's January 1 count of pigs on Canadian farms was, at least to me, quite disappointing. At a time when large supplies are still weighing heavily on the U.S. market, imports of Canadian pigs are
New "Highs" for Corn, Soybeans?
The title line of Ella Fitzgerald's classic, "How High the Moon," keeps coming to mind these days. Just how high is "high" in the grain markets? And how high will high be regarding hog markets in the coming months and years?
Futures Could Stem Liquidation
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Lean Hogs futures appear to be confirming a cycle low, especially given the performance of deferred contracts over the past few weeks
Sow Prices Crumple
Sow prices have plunged this week as large numbers of sows -- especially light ones, according to my contacts -- hit the market at a bad time of the year
Hog Cycle: Misery Loves Company
The last time that the hog-corn price ratio was at 30 was the week of June 22, 2006. Omaha cash corn was $1.99/bu. and Iowa-southern Minnesota barrows and gilts sold at a base price of $84.02/cwt carcass or $62.18/cwt live
Tough Year - But How Bad Will It Get?
There has been a lot of doomsday talk about the pork industry this week. I certainly can't argue against the idea that 2008 will be a very tough year for U.S. pork producers and, as I have pointed out before, even worse for Canadian producers
Production Adjustments Will Come
The rumblings of the past couple of weeks have centered on the question: "How can these hog producers be expanding so much if conditions are as bad as they say?" Or, more pointedly: "Why are those big guys
Be Careful What You Wish For
You've heard the old adage: "Be careful what you wish for!" Well, it came home to roost for me with yesterday's quarterly USDA Hogs and Pigs report. I've lamented how boring the past few reports have been
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