Steve Meyer

Paragon Economics, Inc.

Steve Meyer, president of Paragon Economics, founded in 2002 to provide expert economic analysis of agricultural markets and business decisions. He brings a wealth of experience in the livestock industry, having served as director of economics for the National Pork Producers Council (1993-2001), and held the same position for the National Pork Board from 2001 to October 2002. In that capacity, Steve provided economic counsel to producers and Pork Board staff and coordinated staff and consultants’ activities regarding meat industry production, price forecasts and the economic impact of pork production and processing. In addition, he administered NPPC programs dealing with marketing and pricing systems, structure, pork industry coordination and competitiveness. Previously, Steve served as a swine business specialist with Moorman Manufacturing Company, a sales representative with Dow Chemical and sales manager for an animal health and agricultural chemical distributor. In addition, he spent three years as an assistant professor in the agriculture economics department at the University of Missouri.

Market Slippage No Surprise
This week's cash hog market is somewhat of a head-scratcher. Not that I didn't expect lower prices
Not A "Good News" Week
USDA's monthly Crop Production and World Agriculture Supply and Demand reports released this week indicate that the big crop is getting smaller
Canadians Report More Slippage
Last week's Hog Statistics Report from Statistics Canada indicates that the Canadian pork production sector is indeed in the clutches of several economic problems, few of which appear to be of their own making
Brace for Higher Feed Costs
The feedgrain price situation has been the talk of the meat industry this week with quite a bit of speculation as to
Skyrocketing Corn Prices
My lamentations over the future of feed costs in an "ethanol or bust" world probably have gotten on a few people's nerves -- until the past two weeks
More Bearish Pig Crop Reports Needed?
I guess we need a few more "bearish" Hogs & Pigs Reports to stimulate this hog market. Go figure.
Circovirus Uncertainties
There is still a lot of talk about porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and porcine circovirus-associated disease (PCVAD), but much of the discussion is now shifting to vaccines that have been
Export Dip Merely A Blip
Tuesday's release of export data for July was a bit of a shock for the pork industry in that it showed the first year-over-year monthly decline since November 2003
It's Only September!
What a remarkable few days for U.S. hog slaughter. The three largest days in history for federally inspected slaughter were
Meat Case Price Wars
It's rather disgusting to think that pork and hog prices are affected so dramatically by chicken prices, but the evidence certainly says it is so
Slaughter Returns to 2005 Levels
U.S. and Canadian weekly hog slaughter have returned to levels near one year ago. That's really nothing new for the Canadian series
What's Up with Sow Slaughter?
Three weeks back, I posed a question about what could be driving sow slaughter rates so high.
Lessons from Mandatory Price Reporting
One of the driving forces behind the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act of 1999 was a desire of producers to know the prices that were being paid for hogs purchased by some means other than the daily spot or cash market.
Sorting Out Slaughter Runs
Last week's big slaughter run (1.954 million head, 4.5% larger than one year ago) and this week's romping first three days (1.088 million head, 7.7% larger than the same three days last year) have us wondering if the expected increase in output, which has never shown up in USDA inventory reports, is finally upon us.
Poultry Pines, Pork Bounces Back
The Missouri forecasters are still more pessimistic about this year's third quarter, but are much closer to other forecasters for the remaining three quarters of the outlook.
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