Steve Meyer

Paragon Economics Inc.

Steve Meyer, president of Paragon Economics, founded in 2002 to provide expert economic analysis of agricultural markets and business decisions. He brings a wealth of experience in the livestock industry, having served as director of economics for the National Pork Producers Council (1993-2001), and held the same position for the National Pork Board from 2001 to October 2002. In that capacity, Steve provided economic counsel to producers and Pork Board staff and coordinated staff and consultants’ activities regarding meat industry production, price forecasts and the economic impact of pork production and processing. In addition, he administered NPPC programs dealing with marketing and pricing systems, structure, pork industry coordination and competitiveness. Previously, Steve served as a swine business specialist with Moorman Manufacturing Co., a sales representative with Dow Chemical and sales manager for an animal health and agricultural chemical distributor. In addition, he spent three years as an assistant professor in the agriculture economics department at the University of Missouri.

Protecting Valuable Pork Exports
I have spent a good deal of time over the past few years trumpeting the exporting success of the U.S. pork industry
Storm Clouds Lurking Over Hog Market
At the risk of contributing to the overuse of the term "perfect storm," I have had the feeling all week that we are headed for a veritable
Cheap Corn Makes Cheap Hogs
That's the adage and it has historically been very true. It's corollary is that high-priced corn makes high-priced hogs
Packers' Status Remains Unsettled
It was a tumultuous week for the North American pork industry's packers. The culmination of the Swift & Company derby and the closure of the Mitchell's plant
Making Sense of Demand Data
The status of meat demand in general, and pork demand in particular, is a bit of a mystery at present
Circovirus Presents Unique Challenge
By now, I am confident that nearly everyone in the pork industry has read about, heard about, or unfortunately, had to deal with porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2)
New Paradigms Taking Shape
U.S. market hog prices continued their quite normal seasonal increase last week with national net negotiated prices reaching $72.65/cwt. carcass
Canada Reports More Slippage
Canada's Hog Statistics report, released late last week, indicates that the Canadian breeding herd continues to decline on a year-over-year basis
Debating Meat Dominance
So what is the "dominant" meat in the U.S. marketplace? That probably depends on how you want to define dominant. Perspective is such an important issue in so many things, isn't it?
Market Study Under a Microscope
In the Feb. 22 edition of North American Market Preview, I addressed the findings of the recently released Livestock and Meat Marketing Study by
Studying the Weight Class Swings
In my Hogs and Pigs Report review sent earlier this week, I alluded to the big swing between the year-over-year change between the inventory of
Hogs & Pigs Report Special Edition
It's not often that information trumps the Hogs & Pigs Report, but that was certainly the case on Friday as USDA released the highly anticipated
Moderate Growth in Pig Numbers Projected
The results of Dow Jones' quarterly survey of market analysts regarding their estimates of the key numbers
Slaughter Levels Perplexing
One of the big questions in recent weeks is how much of a challenge is being posed by recent slaughter levels? It's a very good question
Pork Exports More Robust Than Ever
The performance of the U.S. pork industry in terms of pork exports got off to a blistering start for 2007. January pork exports
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