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Lora joined the National Hog Farmer editorial team in 1993, served as associate editor, then as managing editor until 1999. She has also worked as a contributing editor to the publication, and the National Hog Farmer digital editor responsible for content on the nationalhogfarmer.com Web site. Lora serves as the editor of the Nutrient Management, Weekly Preview and Weekly Wrap Up e-newsletters. She has also written and produced electronic newsletters for Farm Industry News, Hay & Forage Grower and BEEF magazines. Lora grew up on a purebred Berkshire operation in southeastern South Dakota and promoted pork as the state’s Pork Industry Queen and as an intern with the South Dakota Pork Producers Council. Lora earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from South Dakota State University in agricultural journalism and mass communications. She has served as communications specialist for the National Live Stock and Meat Board and as director of communications for the University of Minnesota College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences. Lora earned the Story of the Year award from the American Agricultural Editors’ Association and bronze award in the National American Society of Business Publication Editors’ competition.

Producer's Choice Award: Bazooka Farmstar - Coulter Till
Every year attendees at World Pork Expo are asked to vote for their favorite new product introduced to the pork industry within the last year. Prior to World Pork Expo, each company that will be exhibiting at Expo is asked to nominate new products for consideration by a National Hog Farmer World Pork Expo new product review panel.
Master Trading - Tube-O-Mat Classic
The Tube-O-Mat Classic wet/dry feeder from Master Trading is designed for wean-to-finish or finishing pigs. Designed in Denmark, the hopper of the feeder is made of high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet protection. The base is made up of two stainless steel compartments, one for water and one for dry feed.
Clarcor Air Filtration - Model 2000-P and Model 4000-P Filter Housings
Clarcor Air Filtration Products offers the Model 2000-P and 4000-P plastic, three-piece filter housing holding frames for swine buildings. Perry Hartmann, Clarcor sales manager, demonstrated how the compact filter housing encloses two, 24 x 24-in. and two, 20 x 24-in. single header filters. The filter housing box is designed for ceiling inlets.
Automated Production Systems (AP) - Flow Hammer
The Automated Production Systems (AP) Flow Hammer feed flow device is a patent-pending product that aids in the prevention of out-of-feed events in all phases of swine production. A low-frequency, high-impact design helps minimize feed bridging by having the Flow Hammer strike a bin up to 60 times per minute with 500 lb. of force when there is a feed flow problem. The Flow Hammer is mounted to the bin collar on the outside of the bin and will fit on most 16-in. bin collars on new or existing bins.
Pfizer Animal Health - Fostera PRRS Vaccine
Fostera PRRS is a new, modified-live vaccine option for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), respiratory form of the disease, offered by Pfizer Animal Health. Doug King, senior veterinarian, swine veterinary operations, Pfizer Animal Health, told the new product panel that Fostera PRRS is licensed for the vaccination of healthy pigs three weeks of age or older in PRRS virus-positive herds or in PRRS-seronegative pigs that are deemed to be at risk for exposure to PRRS virus.
Prima Tech USA - 0.3 ml. Bottle Mount Vaccinator
Prima Tech recently launched a new, 0.3-ml. bottle-mounted vaccinator with a dose range of 0.1 ml. to 0.3 ml. The vaccinator allows the barrel to prime at the lowest 0.1-ml. setting. It also offers a full stroke at the 0.3-ml. setting so the user can easily recognize the feel of a successful injection, according to Bob Walber, PrimaTech.
ClicRweight - ClicRweight Weighing System
The ClicRweight wireless, remote weighing system may be in the early stages of development, but the new product panel thought it offered an intriguing approach to fine-tuning feeding programs that could prove useful under the right circumstances.
Ralco Animal Health - DE-Lyte
DE-Lyte is a liquid nutritional supplement that helps ease pig transitions from the sow to the nursery at weaning time. Russell Fent, Ralco Animal Health, explained, “Typically it takes just over two days for 95% of pigs to come onto feed once they enter the nursery. DE-Lyte is fortified with vitamins D and E to support the young pigs’ transitioning immune system and promote healthy bone development.”
SFP – More-than-Manure Nutrient Manager
The More-than-Manure (MTM) Nutrient Manager is a liquid product designed to be poured directly into confinement barn manure pits or lagoons.
Big Dutchman - DryExact Pro
The Big Dutchman DryExact Pro is a computer-controlled, chain-disk feeding system that gives producers the ability to deliver a different diet to each feeder. The system uses a batch mixer to blend and deliver individual feed recipes and allows for easy, multi-phase feeding. A two-loop system can feed different diets simultaneously, allowing for quick distribution of feed with one batch mixer.
Bioverse - AgraSphere
The Bioverse AgraSphere went on the market last fall after eight years of development, according to Bioverse’s Brad Carson. The product distributes beneficial bacteria into manure storage systems to reduce sludge buildup and crusting using a biodegradable sphere made of a corn-based polymer.
2012 World Pork Expo New Product Tour Showcases Innovative Products
While the 2012 National Hog Farmer World Pork Expo New Product Review Panel found there were often a number of products targeting the same need at this year’s trade show, they worked hard to make sure they brought forward new ideas for consideration wherever possible.
Attitudes about Food Production are Eye-Opening
During the recent North American Strategy Conference on Animal Agri¬culture held in Chicago, the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) assembled a diverse panel of consumers from the area. Panel members were unaware that they were speaking to an audience primarily made up of food producers and distributors.
Food Supply Chain Communication Drives Positive Change
That was the overwhelming message to those attending the Center for Food Integrity (CFI) North American Strategy Conference on Animal Agriculture held in Chicago recently. Participants included agricultural producers, food distributors and restaurant and grocery store supply chain managers from across North America. The conference goal was to identify ways to build consumer trust for food animal agriculture.
Security Cameras Provide Added Protection
In recent years, the number of break-ins at remote hog building sites has escalated. Sometimes animals disappear; other times, equipment, copper or steel are the target. Sadly, cruelty to animals, vandalism and destruction of property have been the motives behind unauthorized entry.
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