Kevin Schulz

Senior Content Specialist,
National Hog Farmer

Kevin Schulz joined National Hog Farmer as a senior content specialist in June 2014 after a long career as the editor ofThe Land magazine, an agricultural-rural life publication based in Mankato, MN.

During his tenure at The Land, the publication grew from covering 55 Minnesota counties to encompassing the entire state, as well as 30 counties in northern Iowa. Covering all facets of Minnesota and Iowa agriculture, Schulz was able to stay close to his roots as a southern Minnesota farm boy raised on a corn, soybean and hog finishing farm.

One particular area where he stayed close to his roots is working with the FFA organization.

Covering the FFA programs stayed near and dear to his heart, and he has been recognized for such coverage over the years. He has received the Minnesota FFA Communicator of the Year award, and this year was honored with the Minnesota Honorary FFA Degree.

Schulz attended South Dakota State University, majoring in agricultural journalism. He was also a member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity and now belongs to its alumni organization.

His family continues to live on a southern Minnesota farm near where he grew up. He and his wife, Carol, have raised two daughters: Kristi, a 2014 University of Minnesota graduate who is marreid to Eric Van Otterloo, and Haley, who will be enrolling this fall at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

When not covering the pork industry on behalf of National Hog Farmer readers, Schulz enjoys spending time traveling with family, making it a quest to reach all 50 states — 46 so far — and three countries. He also enjoys reading, music, photography, playing basketball, and enjoying nature and campfires with friends and family.

In his new role, Schulz will be writing and editing stories for National Hog Farmer magazine in addition to covering news for the website and National Hog Farmer’s Weekly Preview and Weekly Wrap Up newsletters.

Hog producers need to use emotion, not science 1
Damian Mason, a professional speaker, entertainer, writer, businessman and farm owner from Huntington, Ind., told an Iowa Pork Congress audience that U.S. livestock producers need to appeal to the emotions of American consumers, rather than using science that most them do not understand.
Reproductive technology adoption trends sought
A survey by Kara Stewart, a Purdue University animal science assistant professor, is designed to gain a better understanding of current reproductive technologies being used on commercial hog operations and identify the largest roadblocks to adopting new technologies.
Chris Hodges
NPB CEO brings marketing expertise to position
Chris Hodges was announced as the new NPB CEO mid-morning of Jan. 12, and he sees his 30-plus years of experience with Smithfield Farmland as a benefit to today’s U.S. pork producers as he leads to the NPB into the future.
Genetics Start of a Good Sow Herd
There are many factors that play into the productivity and health of your sow herd, but a lot of those other factors will mean little if you start with poor sow genetics.
‘World-Class Farm’ Achieved with Proper Pig Care
Through proper management swine producers should be able to expect less than 2% stillbirths, less than 5% preweaning mortality, weaning 14 pigs per litter and achieving 35 pigs per sow per year.
Proof of Concept: Feed Can Carry PEDV
A study has proven that PEDV transmission can occur through contaminated feed, but both mechanisms — contaminated ingredients and environmental contamination — must be recognized and managed, while other risk factors cannot be forgotten.
Preventing PEDV Spread
Biosecurity measures have been standard operating procedure for custom manure applicators for a long time, but the presence of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus has forced them to revisit or step up their practices.
Getting the Message Out
As Larry Sailer, a pork producer and pork industry advocate from Iowa City, IA, puts it, “We need to have spokespeople out here.” With that in mind, there are plenty of avenues for farmers to get involved to help spread the agriculture— and more specifically pig farming — story. Producers who would like to become more involved can choose from several state and national outreach program options.
Localized Soybean Meal Shortages Possible
Entering each soybean harvest brings great promise in yield expectations, and in certain pockets of the United States, that promise also brings some concern about the availability of soybean meal until the new crop beans come in to the system.
Just Telling His Story
If Larry Sailer had his way he’d stay home and raise pigs.“But we need to have spokespeople out here,” he says. “Didn’t think it would be me, I’m just a shy old farm boy.” This “shy old farm boy” also claims he isn’t a writer, and that he never has been a writer. In spite of that claim, it seems Sailer sure writes a lot in the name of agriculture advocacy. And, a lot of people are reading and listening.
Feeding the Masses
When Dale Stevermer started promoting the swine industry to consumers, he was promoting the industry’s final product — pork. While promotion of the pork product through grilling events and in-store campaigns is still important, today there is a greater emphasis put on the promotion of the image of the farmers themselves. Dale and his wife, Lori, of Trails End Farm near Easton, MN, have been active in both volunteering for and “selling” the pork industry.
Conversion Through Conversation
Reaching common ground is imperative to having a good discussion when attempting to bridge the knowledge gap between agriculture and the general populace. Wanda Patsche, Welcome, MN, has been able to break the challenge of reaching a non-agricultural audience down into that basic premise while speaking out for agriculture and pork production. The advent of social media has helped her step up her game, as it has for those who are not so knowledgeable about agriculture.
Managing Risk of Custom Manure Application and PEDV Spread
Biosecurity measures have been standard operating procedure for custom manure applicators for a long time, but the presence of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) has forced them to revisit or step up their practices.
Missouri Voters Approve Right-to-Farm Amendment
It appears as though the residents of Missouri have decided that farmers do indeed have the right to farm.
Farmers, ‘Right to Farm’ is Your Friend
Farmers do have rights, and one of those is the right to farm. Four individual courts cases, all against Maxwell Farms hog operations in Indiana, were seeking damages from farms for creating a nuisance in regards to odor, manure management practices and location of farms.
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