Dale Miller


A Minnesota native and animal science graduate of the University of Minnesota, Dale joined the National Hog Framer editorial staff in 1973. He has traveled to most states and many foreign countries, studying and reporting on pork production practices throughout the world. Dale’s writing and photography have won numerous awards over the years, including the American Association of Agricultural Editors’ Master Writer award in 2006. He has been recognized with the Honorary Master Pork Producer award by the Iowa Pork Producers Association, the Minnesota Swine Honor Roll, the National Swine Improvement Federation Distinguished Service award, and in 2010, received the Pork Checkoff Pork Industry Distinguished Service award. Dale remains active in pork production by raising purebred Chester White breeding stock, F-1 gilts and premium locker pork.

The Race to 30 pigs/mated female/year
The reference, of course, is to the benchmark of 20 pigs/sow/year (p/s/y) being updated to the lofty goal of 30 p/s/y
Complexities of Corn
On my desk is a manila folder labeled with a four-letter word. The tab simply reads “corn,” and the file grows thicker every day. I began keeping this file when it became clear that ethanol was going to be a major player in the corn market
Energy Alternatives have Pork Producers, Nutritionists Counting Calories
I don’t know of a single feed ingredient that costs less than it did two years ago,” declared Joel DeRouchey in a Pork Academy presentation at World Pork Expo. Energy sources have trumped protein as the highest feed ingredient cost
North Carolina Pork Industry Reboots
The industry in the nation’s second-largest pork producing state, North Carolina, can be described in many ways, but stagnant it is not. All pork producers tackle a confluence of challenges
Going “Green” Before Green was “In”
Ain’t it a shame that we weren’t green back then. That’s the gist of an e-mail that’s been circulating recently
Bob Ivey, general manager of Maxwell Foods’ has built three hog production systems from scratch
The first was the family-owned and operated Ivey Spring Creek Farm (ISCF) near Goldsboro, NC, which began modestly in 1979, with select purebred Chester White and Spotted bloodlines that grew to 250 sows with the help of a low-interest, Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) loan during the Carter administration
Swine Geneticist Max Rothschild
Max Rothschild, widely recognized as an international leader in pig genetics, has vivid childhood memories of two favorite things — fishing and pigs
Educator/Researcher Billy Flowers
In his senior year of high school, Bill Flowers’ parents gave him money to buy a class ring. He spent the money on a pair of bred gilts — a choice that may have sealed his destiny to spend his life’s work in the swine industry
Pork Industry Leaders Tackle Change Head-on
If change is a reflection of resourcefulness and forward-thinking, then the glow emanating from the U.S. pork industry is certainly bright
Pork Checkoff Rolls Out New Promotional Program
The new pork promotion rollout took center stage at the National Pork Industry Forum. On the heels of celebrating the silver anniversary of the pork legislative checkoff, the National Pork Board introduced the roomful of delegates to the new promotional tagline: “Pork. Be Inspired”
Picking the right market weight can add Revenue
At any given time, there are about a million pigs placed in grow-finish barns within a 50-mile radius of Worthington, MN. Many of those pigs are overseen by the production management team at ProPig based in that southwestern Minnesota town
Pushing the Envelope on Swine Diets
In the last 5-6 years, the managing partner of New Horizon Farms has focused on reducing the amount of corn used in all diets fed in the 14,000-sow, farrow-to-finish system, headquartered in Pipestone, MN
Corn is Corn is Corn
In the race to lower feed costs, keep a watchful eye on pork quality
Nursery Pigs’ Failure to Thrive Syndrome Befuddles Producers and Veterinarians
Periweaning failure to thrive syndrome (PFTS) affects a small percentage of pigs and continues to befuddle producers and veterinarians alike
Time to Exhale
Mid-term elections couldn’t come soon enough for me. The seemingly never-ending onslaught of don’t-trust-my-rascal-opponent ads was beginning to wear pretty thin. Thankfully, the multi-media blitzes have faded away, hopefully not to be heard from again for at least another year or so
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